What is it

Face Yoga is a combination of holistic and natural face exercises. A 10 minute upper face exercise routine and a 10 minute lower face exercise routine will keep the muscles in the face lifted, tightened, toned and firmed helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving a healthy glow and more youthful appearance. Spend just 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week to achieve the best benefits. Traditional techniques together with the latest research gives you a safe, easy to learn, natural anti-ageing routine to follow that delivers great results.

Along side the daily exercise routine there are further exercises that specifically target any personal areas of concern. There are several exercises for all areas, for the 57 muscles that are in the face and neck.

Whether it is a sagging jowl, puffy eyes or a double chin there are exercises that will greatly improve the appearance of these areas.

These exercises can be taught to anyone who wants to look and feel more youthful. We forget to take care of our face and often just concentrate on our bodies; natural face fitness can easily be incorporated into your workout routine.

In conjunction with the facial exercise, for an all-round holistic approach, a combination of Face Massage, Face Acupressure, Relaxation Techniques and Wellbeing is also taught. The beauty of the programme is that this creates an all round holistic process for the mind, body and face that anyone can benefit from.

Face massage:
Learning how to incorporate face massage techniques to increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins. Skin tone improves, puffiness reduces, overall skin looks healthier and more youthful. Massage techniques will also help to increase collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents in the skin. Facial massage is a treatment that helps achieve healthy, younger looking skin by slowing down the aging process. Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing. Along with numerous skin benefits, facial massage also provides relief for stress, sinus congestion, and migraine headaches. Massaging your face on a regular basis can lead to firmer, more radiant skin by minimising fine lines and wrinkles and releasing tension. Other benefits of facial massage include relaxation of muscles, relief from stress and anxiety, and overall relaxation. Regular massages of the face can lead to healthy, younger looking skin along with mental and physical relaxation.

The origins of acupressure go back thousands of years and come from traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the concept of a person’s energy. Applying pressure to certain points on the face can increase the flow of subtle energy and help to reduce tension and increase circulation, giving a healthy glow to the skin.

Relaxing the tension in the face will help reduce and prevent the deep-set lines and wrinkles that stress causes. The power of taking some time to relax and learn techniques to positively effect the stresses in modern life will greatly benefit overall health and wellbeing.

Understanding how the mind and body work together; take some time in the day for yourself and learn how to be in the moment with some mindfulness techniques. Be calmer and happier and learn how to bring yourself back to this place. Learn how to use visualisation to calm your mind and reach your goals.

How Does It Work?

No creams, lotions, or potions can give you the firming and toning results that you can achieve from muscle manipulation and facial massage. We have to treat the muscles in our face and neck just like we do our bodies and exercise them regularly. As we age, the muscles weaken. It’s about working all the layers of the skin - the hypodermis ( lower layer ), the dermis ( middle layer) and the epidermis ( upper layer ) resulting in an increase in blood flow and oxygen, encouraging collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents, to help obtain a healthier complexion, firmer and more toned. This ultimately strengthens the muscles in the face and neck to give us younger looking skin with less lines, wrinkles, sagging and puffiness.

Beauty really does go much further than skin deep!

Even Megan Markle is an advocate of Face Yoga. Everyone can benefit, young, old, male, female, anyone who wants to look and feel younger. A natural anti-aging face lift!

All the 57 muscles in the face and neck work together and so you will learn how to give the face and neck a workout to maintain the whole face. 20 minutes per day over 6 days will give you a Face Yoga Workout that will improve and maintain the appearance of your face with all the benefits of looking younger.

Areas of concern or specific problem areas can also be worked on with personally tailored exercise routines. Combine this with face massage, face acupressure and relaxation and the benefits to mind body and face are endless.

The diagram below shows some of the 57 muscles that are in the face and neck.