Who is Face Yoga for?

It’s for everyone! Anyone can do it. It’s beneficial whether you are using it to prevent or reduce the signs of ageing.

What causes the face to age?

The muscles in the face weaken as we age. Through expressions we use everyday fine lines and wrinkles appear. Elements in everyday life cause ageing to the face and the skin, some of these are: Stress, the weather, smoking and lack of sleep. We lose the natural plumping agents in skin as we age, elastin and collagen. There are many more too.

Where can I do the exercises?

Where you feel most comfortable. Once you learn the techniques you can fit them into your daily routine as and when you want to.

How will Face Yoga and Face Massage affect my skin?

All of the exercises work on all three levels of the skin - hypodermis (bottom level), dermis (middle layer) and the epidermis (upper level). When working all these layers the skin will look healthier, clearer, and glow, encouraging the production of elastin and collagen through stimulation. The skin will look tighter and have more tone.

When will I see results?

You will feel some results straight away. Muscles in the face will feel tighter and you will have a healthy glow. We are all different and changes in the face occur at different times for each person. Generally, after two weeks of completing the exercises daily you will start to see improvements and after 4 months you will notice that you have less lines and the skin will have a healthy glow. After 9 months of consistently using the techniques people have reported they look and feel younger, calmer, relaxed and happier.

Is Face Yoga compatible with plastic and cosmetic surgery?

It’s good to check with your doctor about the time scales required for the surgery to heal, but after this time there is nothing to stop you from completing the techniques. Both Face Yoga and Face Massage will help reduce the need for further surgery and give your face a more natural look and feel.

Can I get more wrinkles from the techniques?

No is the answer as the techniques work to firm and tone the face and the neck creating lift and firmness and building muscle fibre to reduce wrinkles.

What if I stop doing Face Yoga? What will happen?

For best and long-term results and benefits you should use the techniques 6 days a week for 20 minutes a day. You will see a difference after not doing the exercises longer term but your face will not just droop.

What safety aspects do I need to consider?

All the techniques have been designed to be beneficial. If you have any health concerns you should always consult your doctor.

I have a specific area of concern. What can I do?

As well as completing the 10 minute upper face and 10 min lower face exercises you will also learn how to exercise any specific areas of concern you have regards your face, whether it be hollows under the eyes or puffy eyes or maybe a sagging jowl. You will have a personalised program to address the areas you want to work on.